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Yoga Alignment Principles and Practice

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Yoga is today's fastest growing, personal health and fitness practice, providing benefits well beyond what simple physical exercises offer. It can unleash our innate ability to achieve vitality, health, and healing.


For yoga to deliver on its full potential, practice must be properly aligned and in harmony with the body's function and design. Relying on the outer appearance of a pose does not indicate that postures are aligned. In fact, in almost every pose, there can be numerous actions that are opposite its final appearance.  Understanding the principles of alignment and the intention to utilize them will allow your practice to deepen and advance with safety. Alignment is also fundamental to using yoga as a personal form of physical therapy.

Our book may be the most comprehensive exploration of alignment you will find. It offers clear and concise tips and insights into the many questions that arise when teaching or in personal practice. Easy-to-apply, straight-forward principles ensure you can tap into your own anatomical design. Its language flows easily from its anatomical discussions to yogic philosophy.


Every yoga style and tradition ultimately follow the guidelines set by human anatomy and body mechanics. Our book supports all yogic journeys and all personal approaches.


And for professionals who bring therapeutic bodywork and yoga together, this is a must-have resource.


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