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A Comprehensive Guide to Anatomy, Alignment, and the Prevention of Injuries
The Injury-Free Yoga Practice


The first edition of the all-inclusive guide to alignment, anatomy, and the prevention of yoga injuries is now available and offered exclusively through this website. This textbook provides an in-depth exploration into the subtle aspects of yoga alignment for the entire body, region by region.


Each alignment principle is explained in a simple and easy-to-apply fashion. The book's extensive anatomy discussions are presented with direct application to alignment and fully relevant to yoga principles and practice.


The Injury-Free Yoga Practice is the ideal guide for all yoga teachers and students who insist yoga practice be safe and therapeutic. This large-sized, 280-page book is the perfect anatomy text for yoga teacher training programs. The alignment cues offered not only prevent and improve injuries, they also allow practitioners to advance their practice to its full potential.

Integrative Alignment
Yoga Therapy Manual


The Integrative Alignment Yoga Therapy Manual focuses on structural issues that challenge yoga students in their practices and daily activities. It reviews yoga alignment principles and their anatomical basis.


The manual provides a system of postural advice, asana assists, and hands-on therapy. It is a essential tool for all yoga teachers and bodyworkers who assist their students in class or provide private class services.


This 108 page manual is complete with photographs and illustrations. It's "how to" approach for assisting and adjusting addresses most structural issues that yoga teachers and students will experience.


This guide helps you to deliver a sophisticated and well acknowledged approach to yoga therapy. It is valuable companion to the book, The Injury-Free Yoga Practice.

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