The full 284 page, color pdf version of our 2019 edition.

All the principles of alignment that will allow asana to go deeper while preventing injuries. Essential material to ensure yoga practice is therapeutic and not the cause or trauma.  Perfect text for teachers and yoga teacher trainings but a book every student will want to reference on a regualr basis.


…a brilliant resource for students, teachers, body workers, and frankly, anyone living in a body! Thorough, clear, and concise descriptions and illustrations. Dr. Weiss offers an exploration of anatomy and yoga’s therapeutic applications in a manner accessible to all. In a time of global expansion in the yoga world resources such as this are needed more than ever to help maintain safe, stable, healthy and enjoyable practices. The reader is able to grasp and apply techniques and alignment cues that are relevant and fully experiential. This book continues to be a reference and resource for all Yoga Teacher training programs at Evolve.

Ann Hunt, E-RYT 500 Director of Education and Owner, Evolve Yoga + Wellness


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