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Yoga Alignment Principles and Practice

Yoga has become today's fastest growing, personal health and fitness practice, providing benefits well beyond what simple physical exercises offer. For yoga to deliver on its full potential, asana practice must comply with principles of alignment that honor the body's natural design and mechanics. Reaching a desired outer appearance for a pose is not how the gift of yoga is conveyed. Instead, yoga's powerful impact is attained though our intention and conscious attempts to practice according to the dictates our inner anatomy. That is what yoga unleashes our innate ability to achieve vitality, health, and healing.

Our book offers clear and concise tips and insights into the many questions that arise when teaching and during personal practice. It offers easy-to-apply, straight-forward principles of alignment that follow our anatomical design. Guidelines for body mechanics are presented to ensure structural efficiency. All discussions support the full depth of yoga philosophy and are supportive of every tradition and style of practice. Learning how to recognize misalignment and physical actions that cause trauma are shared throughout the book help keep yoga practice injury-free.


The principles and practical tools provided in our text will enable your practice to advance to the levels you wish while staying safe and offering therapeutic value. Asana practice is one of the best forms of therapy for the rehabilitation of injuries - if correct alignment is maintained. Misalignment, especially during our practice, is a common cause of injury. ​This text will explain the difference and help you in changing lives through yoga!


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The Injury-Free Yoga.Practice

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